Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wishin' and hopin'

Are you caught up in wishing and hoping your life away? I'm afraid I've met plenty of people who are. Sometimes a person can wish for something so much that they pass over what is happening and what they have right now. As an example: I have a factory installed stereo system in my car, I enjoy the music I play on that stereo every day. From time to time a friend rides along with me, he constantly jabbers about how poor the sound is because the stereo isn't some huge priced, big booming, 2000 watt system that requires 4 batteries to operate. I just want to enjoy the music.

There is an entire sub-culture that goes through life waiting for some settlement being negotiated on their behalf regarding one law suit or another. They feel they will never amount to anything because some rich person controls all the money. The only way they can get that money is to file a law suit, no matter how frivolous.

A few people, of extremely modest means, dream constantly of going on Spring break or vacation to a tropical paradise. They cannot find any reason to enjoy the place where they live every day. They will never, never be happy until they vacation hundreds or thousands of miles away. Wishing and hoping at the expense of everyday pleasures.

Attainable goals are an excellent way to improve our lives. giving us something to work and look forward to. Helping get us through difficult, mundane and commonplace tasks, motivating us with the hope of reward. Most of us dream of better things. Wishing and hoping can also become a barrier to enjoying life's simple pleasures. They can cloud our vision. How many cliche's tell us to "stop and smell the coffee/roses."

Today is my day to make sure I smell some coffee and maybe some roses. I'm going to open my eyes to the good stuff all around me. I hope it includes something that tastes good. I wish that you could have some too....................Joe

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