Saturday, April 3, 2010

I can't write today

Write, write, write! That's what my editor advised me to do. Write at every opportunity. Write whatever comes to my mind. Write for myself, write for others. Write, write, write. He'll take care of the rest. I do what I can. But, not today. There is nothing in my mind to write about. I'm all writed out.

For months I've been hard at it, writing on a number of subjects, sometimes all through the night, during breaks and lunch time at work and even eating dinner at the keyboard to get it all down. I think I emptied my mind out. When I try to think of something to write it comes out reading like a kindergarten paper, emotionless, forced, crude, without purpose. I think I need a break. Today I won't write. Maybe tonight I won't write. Perhaps I won't write for a long time. This has happened before. I know the routine. It's a necessary evil. I have to take time to refill my empty glass of motivation. I've poured it all out and now it's gone.

The garden awaits digging and seeding, the basement cries out for organization. My man machines in the garage beg to be filled with gasoline and explode into life. The brown trout in the nearby creek require harvesting. My boat awaits my loving touch and attention. My bicycles yearn for the open road. It is their time. Writing can wait. Today I expand my horizons, rekindling the zest and fire of life beyond the desk. Inspiration will follow. Wish me well........................Joe

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