Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday, The Catholic Church, eliminating abuse.

There is a lot of media coverage again concerning the Catholic Church, cover ups and abusive priests. I have strong feelings about it. I am Catholic. Anything that hurts the Catholic church, hurts me right along with millions of fellow Christians world wide. Some Catholics are leaving the church because of their personal strong feelings. I'm not going to do that. Some Catholics are angry and condemn the church for all of this. I'm not doing that either. Today is Palm Sunday, known also as Passion Sunday. Today is marked in part by Judas' betrayal of Jesus. It must have hurt Jesus deeply to be betrayed by one of his closest friends. I feel hurt too. The rest of the apostles didn't stop believing just because of Judas. I'm not either.

A week from now Catholics and other Christians celebrate the Jesus' resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday. There were bad things happening in the world. God sent his son to show us a way to stop those bad things. Jesus left us a church to guide us in how to stop bad things until he returns. He also left human beings in charge of that church. Interesting because although the church teaches God's truth, some of the imperfect human beings in charge of it lie and do evil things.

I know that some people will profess the truth and distort it in order to fulfill their own, evil desires. They will deny any wrongdoing and make false promises so as not to pay the consequence, sometimes garnering the help of ignorant, well meaning compatriots. Showing no sorrow or regret until they are standing at the gallows of public scrutiny. Even Judas found his traitorous behavior so abhorrent he killed himself, he knew what his reward would be.

I will not allow these traitors to the Catholic church drive me away from it. As painful as it is to me and all Christians I will continue to be true to the church of faith that was left to me and support it in it's purge of those evil offenders until only the good remain. I will also remind those that brought such shame, to remember that the reward for the evil they have wrought will be worms. And, in many cases it is promised that they would be better to have never been born. I suggest they fess up and get the hell out while they can...........................Joe

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