Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National "Vent your pet peeve" day

Do you have a pet peeve? Today is "vent your pet peeve" day. If you've got something that's been bothering you, today is the day to let it out so the rest of the world knows too. No sense in suffering all alone now is there? Is there something that someone else does that kind of gets under your skin? let's get it out, cleanse ourselves of the weight of unspoken issues and get on with life. That's the point of "vent your pet peeve" day. I've got a few myself:

I own a business. When a customer comes in I leave whatever I'm doing so I may attend to them 100%. My pet peeve there is when I am trying to concentrate on them 100%, they continuously break into the conversation to answer their cell phone, making me stand there while they discuss the dinner menu, shopping yesterday or how their golf game went. Apparently they do not believe my time has any value. Kind of irks me.

When I stop in the bank to do something that needs another person answering my questions in a face to face one on one situation. There are 7 teller stations, there are two tellers, the line of people waiting runs through that roped off area and halfway out the door. There are two tellers in the break room, there are two managers or assistants sitting in the office area typing on computers and one of the tellers carries on a long conversation with the customer about her trip to Myrtle Beach. Sort of makes you understand why banks like Goldman Sachs got into so much trouble. It's all about the money, not the people.

I stop at a small convenience store to pick up some milk for the morning's coffee. I park my car, go in get the milk and come back out. Meanwhile, it seems the passenger in the car next to me is not liking her cafe' Latte' so much. She rolls down her window and pours the Latte' out onto the pavement next to my door, splattering the door in the process. It is also impossible for me to get into my car without stepping into her Latte'. She looks at me laughs and rolls her window back up.

There! I've vented. I've got more and I feel better already but I'm sure that quite soon I will feel even lots better. You might want to try it....Joe

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