Monday, April 19, 2010

Good things do happen, reason to smile

Some things to think about. Or not! I found these on the Internet. They seem to be everywhere. Some are composed using significant research. Some not. Most are of a positive nature. Are they true? Who nows? But someone thought so and the majority at least bear a semblense of reality.

89% of American workers are employed.
85% of American home owners paid their mortgage on time
73% of all marriages last until death did they part
99.7% of commuters driving private automobiles made it to their destination without incident
94% of the worlds population have enough food to eat today
99.9% of American households have electricity available to them
99.7% of the worlds population was not abused by a clergyman when they were young
96.9% of the people in America are not here illegally
99.999% of all dogs have not made a mess in your yard
91.6% of teenagers have not defaced property with graffiti
89.4% of convenience stores have not intentionally sold alcohol to underage kids
85% of America's population is not in jail or prison
91.3% of the worlds population tries to be a better person almost every day
99.29% of America's population did not attempt to rob a bank on any given day
94% of the worlds population loves at least one other person besides themselves
99.3% of TV meteorologists are correct some of the time over a 24 hour period
93.6% of the world's population drink water
81% of the world's population wear shoes
84.2% of all people laugh at least once a day
72% of all people hear or tell at least one joke a day
78% of all people don't steal on a regular basis
100% of all cats really don't care
85.9% of adults are in love whether the other person knows it or not
99.94% of all Toyota drivers have never experienced acceleration or braking problems
97.7% of all statistical data is biased and debatable
68.8% of all people are happy today
73% of all written material is gone within 48 hours
98% of all predictions are based upon simply educated guesses
89% of all lipstick would gross you out if you knew the ingredients
100% of attorneys have a heart
69.1% of the people in school are students
87.9% of people you know lie to you to help you in some way
81% of all guys really don't like to hug another guy

Statistics are easy to find on the Internet. Some are a lot of fun. One more statistic I found:
83% of all people take negative statistics with a grain of salt and quickly forget most of them. However, they pay closer attention to and remember longer the positive statistics.
Statistically speaking of course..........................Joe

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