Sunday, April 18, 2010

An interesting day

I experienced what I believed to be a very interesting day this week. I'm not quite sure what I learned from it but I'm still mulling it over to find the life lesson. Interesting days always have some kind of life lesson don't they?

I was having a fine day, woke up, grabbed a quick shower, took a short walk, had a bowl of cereal, jumped in the truck and drove to work. Saw a couple of deer, a rabbit and managed to miss a skunk crossing the road in front of me. Parked the truck, got out. unlocked the door at my business. That's when the interesting part started.

I opened the door, stepped in and immediately tripped over the threshold, falling forward onto the carpet dropping my armful of tax papers all over the place. I recovered quickly and grabbed the door jamb to pull myself up, not thinking about the door and it closed on my hand, pinching it tightly. The fall was embarrassing, the door closing on my hand was painful. After berating and then forgiving myself I opened the door, removed my hand, picked up the papers, stood up and made it to my desk without further damage.

I put on a fresh pot of coffee and went about the business of preparing for the day. I turned on the lights, computer and furnace. returning to the coffee maker I grabbed a cup and poured the coffee, just as I stopped filling the cup the handle fell off, sending the cup to the tip of my shoe right onto my sore toe, spilling coffee all over the carpet which had been cleaned only the day before. I blotted up what I could but the coffee had already left it's mark. Unfortunately I had reached for the closest article to do the cleaning up and apparently that particular napkin cloth was not color safe. It left a red mark mixed in with the brown from the coffee on the carpet.

My hands were messy from all of that so I stepped over to the sink to wash my hands. The soap slipped out of my hands and fell into the bottom of the water in the sink. I reached down to retrieve the soap, bumped my head on the faucet and the cell phone I had in my shirt pocket fell into the water too. Important note here, cell phones don't float. Cell phones don't work wet either.

I finished my work that day with no further consequence. I locked up the shop, walked to my truck and noticed one side was lower than the other. Upon further inspection I discovered a nail in the right rear tire resulting in a flat tire. After much ado, spare tires are never easy to get in a truck, I managed to install the spare. However, while leaning over to tighten the final bolt on the wheel the rear seam of my pants split wide open. It was indeed time to go home and hide myself from the world until another day.

There must be a lesson there someplace, right?...........................Joe

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