Thursday, April 29, 2010

Language and being ten years old.

This short story is an example of the type of thing that occupies the mind of a typical ten year old kid. Learning to speak another language really sounds cool at that age, especially when you've been unable to get a handle on spanish, german or french. Exactly who put this language together obviously had a great deal of time on their hands and a very short priority list. There is a legend going around that this particular language actually saved the lives of a group of soldiers while being questioned and incarcerated in Germany during the second world war. Have a little fun with it. After all, there is still a little of a ten year old kid left in us somewhere no matter our age.

Ister may able Gay ad hay a ay eak lay in ay e thay oof ray over ay is hay ining day oom ray, o say e hay alled cay a ay epairman ray. "en why id day ou yay otice nay e thay eak lay? e thay epairman ray inquired ay.

Ister may able Gay owled scay. "ast lay ight nay, en whey it ay ook tay e may o tway ours hay o tay inish fay y may oup say!"

So there it is. If you can decifer this language you are ready to enter the 5th grade or save a group of captives. You also qualify as a rather fun type of person and probably will use this to resurrect a failing conversation or write a letter to someone you really want to frustrate. Admirable qualities, even if you are older than ten........Enjoy your newfound skill in linguistics.......................Joe

(P.S. In case you've forgotten, it's pig latin.)

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