Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Picking a winner. Not me, ever! Until yesyerday

When you look at the huge casino building and fancy trappings, you must keep in mind they were not built on the winnings of the players, it is the losses. I enjoy a casino from time to time but I am determined not to contribute much at all to them. You see, I am totally aware that I am unlucky at picking winners or gambling. It's just not in my make up to win. 50/50 charity benefit drawings? Never won. Church raffles? Never won. Limited ticket sale Cancer society drawings for a new car with a one out o a hundred odds of winning? Never won. State and territory lotteries. Never won. Football pools? Never won. Basketball brackets? Up until yesterday, never won. I really still have not competitively. I drew up a bracket and submitted it in friendly circles. That one went down the drain after the first week. I researched that one for months. So much for research when it comes to college players in this incredible annual tournament.  Then I filled out a bracket for my own use picking as many Catholic schools as possible. It went great except in the championship game I had Notre Dame playing Villanova with Villanova taking the win. So, there it is, as close to winning something as I ever have and it was totally playing against myself and in truth I almost lost that too. Right now, it is sweet, sweet victory for a born loser. Congratulations Villanova!

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