Monday, April 4, 2016

Enjoy the ride

Flying is not in my every day life. The last time I was in an airplane was in 1975. I don't intentionally avoid being in the air, it's just not a necessity for me as far as traveling is concerned. Mostly because when I go on a trip, the trip is part of the fun. This state of Michigan is beautiful and the rest of the United States is filled with amazing sights at every turn of the road and I don't want to miss a thing. The journey, in most cases, is just as important as the destination. Expressways offer a less intimate examination of the countryside but still has a lot to offer in my eyes at least. My folks worked hard all their lives and usually the work week was six or even seven days of manual labor. They made it all worth while with that Sunday afternoon drive to wherever the nose of the car took them. Being one of their kids was my utmost pleasure and introduction to daily adventure and enjoyment of literally anything in sight.

This morning, on the way in to work it was dark. What's to see in the dark? Lately it's those frisky rabbits for sure. Also, the lights playing off the rain soaked landscape, other vehicles and even te hood of my truck. A slim line of light indicating the approaching sunrise, albeit shrouded by rain clouds. A deer momentarily stopping as it is mesmerized by my headlights as I turn into the parking lot. And the skunk, lucky for me, scurrying off after visiting the neighbors trash bin.

It's the journey that takes the time. The arrival at the destination is ove in an instant. I may as well make the journey pleasant. Right? Besides, there is no Spring Break for me so I better make the best of what I've got. Its worked so far. Happy Spring Break to you!

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