Monday, September 23, 2013

Strength, independence and perseverance

As is my custom, yesterday (Sunday) after church services I went across the street to pay my weekly visit to the final resting place of my parents in the cemetery. A few quiet minutes to reflect on the two people who instilled me with their perspective on living a good, respectful life with integrity. One of the key elements to that kind of life, in their opinion was being independent and self sufficient. Some ways they accomplished that were gardening, fishing, hunting, working multiple jobs, coupons, bargain shopping, accepting their own limitations and not allowing others to do anything for them that they could do themselves. Not always an easy way of life. They thanked God daily for that life. On their knees at home or in church, they prayed honestly and faithfully. They were truly grateful for being together and for what little they had. When my father died my mom was heartbroken but carried on through the rest of her years in the same fashion. She remained a widow because, as she said, it was her job to finish up what they had begun for their family. Someone else might mess up the whole plan. I always chuckled when she said that but admired her tenacity and sense of independence. Making her meager funds last until she passed away was a monumental task. I have first hand knowledge of that. My brother, sister and myself watched over her but she wouldn't allow us to "take charge". No siree! She took care of herself with a passion. It was the way my folks had agreed upon. period!

Brushing off the headstone, replacing the flowers, trimming the grass edges, at least they  let me do that without shooing me away. I honestly think they may even enjoy it. I hope so anyway. I do love them. I can never quite say that enough.

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