Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Prize Grand Rapids

If you have the opportunity to peruse the Art Prize exhibits throughout the downtown area of Grand Rapids, do it. You'll not be disappointed. Every offering is not for everyone's liking but I guess that's the whole idea. Sparking conversation and debate in some cases and reflection and meditation in others. And, simply because apparently art knows no boundaries, outright disdain or disgust. Yeah, this competition covers the entire gambit when it comes to opinions. This event is so far away from when I used to frequent the Grand Rapids Art Museum it boggles my mind. I am not an artist, I am not an art aficionado, I still find some of my favorite works on a church wall or a Norman Rockwell magazine cover print. Never really had time to figure out all the intricate details of the more refined art stuff. Just can't figure it out. Most art forms do not, "bring out my innermost thoughts." No, those thoughts are usually most apparent when I hit my thumb with a hammer. I am impressed, however with the ability and insight of so many people when it comes to a true understanding of the art projects now strewn about the various venues. The oohs, and aahs, and tongue wagging on the streets, in the restaurants and even in the multitude of bars and breweries is varied or polarized. Creating a cacophony of interest and activity. Art? Or is it the people? It definitely is interesting and fun. See you there.

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