Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey Dennis Rodman

Hey Dennis Rodman,
I've been hearing about your admiration for the North Korean governing family. I can't comment on your remarks because I've not met these people personally as you have. In the videos it appears that you all really enjoy each other's company. Especially while you are sitting at the arena during a basketball game. It must be comforting to find such kindred souls. You have been on the outside of anything resembling respectable for so long in this country that I'm sure you often felt like an outsider. What with your ventures into clothing, personal body art, language and generally any type of public activity. Of course as fellow Americans we are not supposed to judge you in any way but, truthfully you left us no other option. Yet you boldly continued to go where no sane man had ever gone before. Finally, from what we have seen there in North Korea you have found acceptance and mutual admiration. In light of that, I have a suggestion: Stay there! Obviously, in this country we do not have the societal maturity to see the value in just who you are. I guess we are too backwards to understand how you are advancing mankind. Dennis, we don't deserve you. So, because we have for so long found you so disgusting through our own ignorance, it's probably best that you remain in a place where so many find you an inspiration and you find them the same. Yeah, that makes so much sense doesn't it? Good Bye Dennis. Good bye to the hoops show, good bye to the Rodman show. I'm sure it's our loss but we'll get over the trauma eventually. Don't worry about us. And let's not us stretch this thing out either. Stay there now, we'll send you your stuff and pay the postage.

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