Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cop slugs woman

Bear with me here for a minute so I can make my point.
I apparently don't quite understand this whole new equality of the sexes thing. On one page I read all about how pleased equal rights advocates are because women can now be up on the front lines in war zones shooting at the enemy, and also being shot at by the enemy. Equal treatment. Next page explains how a woman is granted a large sum of money because she was discriminated against and paid less than her male counterparts at work. Same work, same pay. It's all about equal treatment for all. The courts back it up every day. The legislative branches pass laws to clarify it and make it enforceable. That's the way it is. Then I turn the page and read a completely different approach to this equality between the sexes. "Cop slugs woman" the headline read. It seems this woman grabbed the cop while he was attempting to do his job and interfered with is ability to do what he needs to do. In order to continue without being interfered with he felt the need to slug the woman so she'd leave him alone. Police officers have a job to do and it is difficult enough even without anyone getting in the way and holding them back. If I understand the wording correctly, it is against the law for anyone to interfere with a police officer during the completion of his appointed duty of enforcing the law. The law in this case does not discriminate in any way, at least in my opinion. So that brings us full circle to the equality issue. Why did the headline read, "Cop slugs woman."? And infer that it was way more traumatic or unacceptable because a woman was involved. If a woman is in fact equal, then the woman gets to participate in the consequences of their behavior from both sides of the spectrum, right? equality means that no longer is special treatment given to someone just because they are the "fair sex". Equality means no more "fair sex"! What would the headline read if the cop was also a woman? I believe it would not have even been a news story.

I don't know the right or wrong of this particular incident. That will be played out and taken care of in the proper, lawful way that is laid out. That is not my concern. Nor is it my concern about the equality concept. Women are getting the rights they have long fought for. It is simply my opinion that everyone across the board should face the fact that if one wants equality, the whole idea of "special treatment" goes out the window. No one has the right to grab a cop and not expect to get slugged for it if need be because they are 'special." I don't particularly like that, but I guess that's what it's become. I just hope I don't have to slug some woman. Nope, don't like that idea at all. Coming from a time when women were regarded with respect because they were fair, gentle and special and often were considered to be peacemakers, it's hard to shake those concepts.

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