Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl

I am about to spend some quality time watching a football game. In thinking about it, I wonder just what importance a game can be when it comes to life lessons. Competition? Yeah, competition, no matter how it is disregarded right now is important. If we lose the spirit of competition we will become just like the people in the book/movie, "The Time Machine." Where the Eloi become dinner for the people of the underground. If we lose the desire to compete, we become little more than something to take up space: Cows! Eating, sleeping, fattening ourselves up to become steak, right?

Super Bowl reminds us that in our infinite desire to have a good life, we must exceed at something. Super Bowl also reminds us that we don't always have to pick the same side. We can disagree on who we want to be our heroes. This day some of us want the Ravens to win, others want the 49ers to win. We are all still football fans aren't we? It's the game and the competitive nature we love and follow. We are even willing to give up our New Year's resolutions of eating all good food to sit back, snack and enjoy the game.

Life is comparable to Super Bowl. It's the best that win. Not the players that get schmoozed and felt sorry for. We don't love losers. However, when someone in real life has a problem we feel sorry for them and give them stuff even though they lose. We coddle them and then we watch Super Bowl and rave about the winners and make fun of the losers. "They didn't have what it takes to win" The winners put themselves on the line and took the glory home.

I will enjoy this game. I will also remember what it took to win. The officials did not give the weaker team anything to help them compete. The officials did not take anything away from the superior team and give it to the other team to equal things out.

It's interesting how we as people have a different set of standards when it comes to sports and real life. Sports take the best to win, life takes someone to feel sorry for us and give us stuff to even the playing field.

What am I saying here, this is only a game right? I should best set back and let it all happen. Yeah, I just put too much stuff into this Super Bowl. lets get on with it. Sorry, just thinking out loud I guess.

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