Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book publishing

What's the phrase about life?

"Plant a tree": Done that!
"Father a child": Done that!
"Write a book": Done that!

When "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" was published, the first feeling I had was one of accomplishment. From the initial idea to actual completion took 15 years. For the most part my discipline was 20 minutes a day, no matter what. Usually that amounted to a paragraph but there were times when work and family obligations allowed me enough time to produce a lot more, perhaps a page or two. There were times of elation and times of feeling overwhelmed and without a thought in my mind. The driving force was to get the story out of what can be lost forever when catastrophic accidents happen. In particular, carbon monoxide poisoning. "Joe's Story" being published validated my efforts and I have since spoken with hundreds of readers that have better, safer lives due to the knowledge they absorbed from the book. Yes! That was the whole idea. But now I still want to write.

Being a published author does not necessarily mean there is an open door for future books. So, here I sit with 5 fictional stories and one based upon a semi true event in my life and the question is, how do I get them published? I've submitted most of them to a variety of publishers but to no avail. Alas, they remain out of print. I can, of course self publish but that is, at this time anyway cost prohibitive due to all the hoops I have to go through with sub-letting the artists, proof readers and then the set up for printing and all the other stuff I don't even know yet. Somehow, I'll get it done eventually. I sincerely believe that. Meanwhile, I just thought of another story line. Gotta go write it down before I forget............Enjoy the day..........Bye!

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