Thursday, February 14, 2013

Have a Happy St. Valentine's Day

Some people are so very enthusiastic and positive the entire atmosphere around them changes for the better, no matter the circumstances. I had the most pleasant opportunity to speak with just such a person yesterday. A veteran of a war, a cancer survivor, and now going through rehab due to injuries resulting from a hit and run accident. In other words, life hasn't always dealing him the best hand. I've known him for decades. He looks for the good in whatever he is faced with. I'm a pretty happy guy myself but I've also been known to have a down day from time to time although not very often. I have not experienced him having a down day in all the time I've known him. Even when I visited him in the hospital or anywhere for that matter. Yesterday this Aura of happiness he possesses just seemed to shine in a way I couldn't avoid commenting on it. He was bending and twisting and moving himself around to complete his physical rehab for the day. No doubt it was painful yet he often smiled during the whole program and made a few jokes along the way to boot. When he was done, we sat for a while and enjoyed some light blush wine until he was rested. I asked him to what did he owe his happiness? He answered immediately: "It's not that difficult to be happy! If something makes you unhappy, change it right away and get on with life. Change jobs, change friends, change where you live, stop drinking, start drinking, eat different food, whatever. But if anything keeps you from being happy, most of all I think that most of us should change our expectations. It's not that hard to be happy!"

So, there you are, the wisdom of a happy guy. I hope it helps you enjoy St. Valentine's Day. Which, by the way was started by letter writing from jail. Yeah, it was. Be happy!..................Joe

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