Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fiscal Cliff

I was pleased to hear that many of our elected officials returned to Washington, unselfishly interrupting their holiday vacations to join in friendly negotiations regarding the tax increases and budget cuts commonly referred to as the "fiscal cliff." Thus is renewed my confidence in our beloved political process.

I have poo pooed the nay sayers who so recently touted so many negative comments about how the politicians will allow the economy to dip back into a debilitating recession. I mean we, the voters elected those folks with confidence. History has proven itself that they know how to deal with this sort of thing hasn't it? Yeah, I rest easy with the knowledge that the process will fulfill the destiny of the ideals the founding fathers put down in the constitution. The spirit of the season will also play a hand I think.

Some ask why I have such a positive attitude. Some wonder why I fail to buy into all that fear. Some say I have a Pollyanna like juvenile lack of reality. Ha! I'm a real live adult type person who refuses to put on rose colored glasses at a time like this. Yeah, I know what's going on. I've seen it before about three years ago. This is the truth of the matter. You know how the one side says that the other side simply won't compromise? That's the majority right now. I personally think it's just a way of politics we, as outsiders just haven't grasped yet. But the proof of the pudding that all this will work out is seen in how smoothly the entire government came together in peace when the issues of health care came upon their desks when the speaker of the house made it look like it would get pushed through anyway despite the opposition fighting it so fiercely. That bill went through so fast it made our heads spin. In spite of the fact that no one knew how that bill would affect us and our economy because it was impossible to read such a huge piece of legislation. Talk about compromise eh?

That's what I mean. We, not being in the loop don't fully understand what goes on behind closed doors do we? This cliff thing will get handled just as smoothly because, other than  just a few new faces, its the same group of folks that got together and took care off us so well at that time.

I'm excited. Yeah, I really am. Nothing to worry about there. Enjoy the day and relax, plan something, dare to dream, everything will work out fine. Uh, hu, yeah it will.

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