Monday, December 31, 2012

32nd Silver Treasure Riddle

Well, the new year rings in on Tuesday so the 32nd Silver Treasure Riddle will begin on Wednesday January 2nd 2013. Matt Vande Bunte from the Grand Rapids Press will be doing a piece on And Greg said he'd be following it on his site as usual. Greg does a nice job but he is a busy person and it never hurts to double check spelling and punctuation. I'm just sayin'.  :<)

Rules will be posted but remain the same. Anyone can match wits with me and play the game from anywhere in the world by using a map of the greater Grand Rapids Michigan area. However, You must physically retrieve the metal medallion that is hidden and personally hand it to me in order to collect the valuable prize. There are participants from South Africa, Australia, Germany, Scotland and Osh Kosh Wisconsin.

The purpose of this decades old, fun and sometimes frustrating treasure hunt is to remind us all of the ever present danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. CO poisoning almost killed me and did result in amnesia for two years causing my family and I no end to difficulties. I ask that you remember that and take proper precautions like CO detectors. When I was poisoned detectors cost a hundred dollars or more and were far from perfect. Today they can be purchased for under $20 each for the average home protection and are incredibly accurate. We need only to read the news to find tales of death or illness resulting from Carbon Monoxide.

So, now lets us get back to the 32nd Silver Treasure Hunt and have us some fun OK?

More on January 2nd. See You Then!............Joe A.K.A. The Wyoming Riddler

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