Friday, May 25, 2012

Trivial, nonsensical pondering

I wonder about, "not so important" stuff sometimes. Not quite sure why I do it. After all, life is complicated enough without wondering about trivial details. I continue to wonder though. Back when I was a kid, Catholic nuns wore habits. A sort of uniform that covered everything except their hands and face. It must have required a great deal of discipline to wear those habits in hot weather. I wondered though in the first few weeks of Catholic school, in first grade whether the nuns had real ears like you and me. I was fortunate enough to have a much older brother who was in second grade and had attended Catholic school for two whole grades already. He straightened me out so I didn't wonder any more. Nuns did indeed have ears, but those ears were huge, strange looking and turned on swivels or something. They got those ears when they turned into a nun. I mean no disrespect to those devoted nuns, it's just the type of rumor that went around in the little kid environment of parochial school halls.

As time goes on I still wonder about things that need not concern me but the subject matter changes. For instance, when an ant eater eats ants with it's long tongue, how does it get rid of the sand in his mouth? I mean like, ants live in sand and dirt don't they? That ant eater sticks it's tongue down into the ant hole and licks out the ants. It's just got to get a rash of sand and dirt along with the ants right? If I was an ant eater I think eating sand would be a major issue wouldn't it? And another thing: When lions and tigers and wolves and bears catch and eat other animals, do they discard certain parts of the victim or do they simply indiscriminately eat the entire carcass? What determines when the carcass becomes too "spoiled" to eat? Are there any "desert" parts? Does an ant eater prefer certain ant species over others? And then there are the moles that run amok in our lawns and flower beds. Have you ever considered what they are looking for exactly besides grubs? Not necessarily something to eat mind you but whatever they find so interesting to keep them rummaging through the ground. Or, is it possible that they may find the world up top rather disgusting and repulsive? Now there is a thought that at times I may agree with what with the words displayed on t-shirts on airplanes these days. But perhaps that's something I shouldn't wonder about. It would be better to spend my time pondering just who designed the stripes on a Zebra. Yeah, there ya go...........Have a great holiday weekend.

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