Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wyoming Riddler/Winner

And The winner's are?
A brother and sister team from Jenison Michigan,
Steve Kreiner and Julie Jacamel

Tuesday night they correctly deciphered the riddle and clues of the 31st Silver Treasure hunt

The coordinates being was 44th Street which is the 126th Infantry Memorial Drive at that particular point and was again 44th, Michael which is an archangel or (arch and jelly why or not) Milan which is 1760 yards and what? Illinois which is a bad sound and Infantry memorial so you remember them and that they walk. But the memorial drive is short. That's most of how they arrived at their destination. The medallion was on the telephone pole on the south side of the road at the entrance to the ball field parking lot. Steve and Julie retrieved it sometime last night. Up to that point scores of people had looked that area over but didn't quite locate it.

Congratulations Steve and Julie. The treasure located at Russell&Ballards Jewelry will be exchanged for the medallion sometime this week. I'll let you know as soon as I know for sure....Joe

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