Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Medallion disturbed

This morning I found that the metal medallion has been disturbed. To what degree I was not able to ascertain because of the popularity of the hiding spot at that particular time. I will keep you updated as to any further information.

When I visited Russell&Ballards Jewelry showroom on Byron Center Road last night to drop off the new clue I was again struck by the beauty of the treasure in the box and the feeling of fun connected with the riddle treasure hunt. I did find myself apologizing to a bunch of people this morning that left messages on my machine berating me for the clue not appearing in Tuesday's delivery of the Grand Rapids Press. I am sorry for that. I really have no control over the news media. Except for a few times they have over the years covered the treasure hunt faithfully as a public service. I appreciate all that they have done. The article yesterday by Matt VandeBunte on was very informative but those that depend on the news being delivered on the front porch missed out. The Press has changed and when change comes there are always losers. We will try to find some way to address that. Meanwhile, the sun will be rising in a new day soon and I am anxious to see what that day brings. I need to get some work done quickly just in case of some sort of surprise.


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