Monday, January 16, 2012

Treasure Hunt Riddle news

Hundreds more people are in the search for the medallion right out of the chute this year because of the January start and anticipation of a faster pace due to the more frequent clue announcements. In spite of the increased activity there is still no winner so the next clue will be revealed tomorrow January 17th 2012. I was virtually mobbed yesterday morning at church and then again at the grocery store by folks hoping for some added information. All in good fun of course because I do not give out secrets as everyone already knows. That's some of the fun of this game: Conversation and ideas, using the old noggin, anticipation, hope! I see nothing at all wrong with any of that, do you?

I had a fantastic experience last Friday by having the honor of being interviewed by Josh Leng on 1340am radio in Grand Rapids. The interivew lasted almost 25 minutes but seemed to go by in a flash. They spoke about the riddle and even read a quote from "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime. Those guys know their business all right and I received a huge response from people I know and others I don't know too saying they enjoyed it. Anything that points out the danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a definite plus as far as I'm concerned. Thanks guys!

The new clue will be in the Grand Rapids Press and Advance Newspapers tomorrow and also on and Greg will follow on his website too. We're right in the thick of it right now and for those that pursue it on a daily basis the weather is quite cooperative too. Last year it was over a foot deep and the guy that won just kept digging and digging through it until he found the medallion. Will it be you this year? We'll find out won't we? Til tomorrow then.

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Josh Leng said...

Thank you Joe for taking the time to chat and share your stories. You are a real local treasure. We wish you the best and can't wait for clue #2!

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