Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A really good joke

Have you ever had one of those moments when you simply could not control your laughter? One that wasn't triggered by one too many beers or a comedy club or TV comedian? Occasionally thats happened to me. Actually, way more than occasionally. When a human mistake cascades into a situation beyond control or someone tells you a joke that just tickles your funny bone in such a way that the laughter comes out of you like a volcanic eruption. Those things are so funny to me that I can't verbally repeat them without going into fits of laughter again. You can't look for those moments, they just happen.

It's been over a month now since I've run across anything as humerous as all that. The last time was a simple joke, add to that the non-expressive face of the joke teller and Wham! I was drawn in, blind sided by the seeming innocence and smacked up on the side of my head by a joke so hillarious I almost laughed myself silly. I love stuff like that. It takes me away from reality just long enough to catch my breath and get back to the tasks at hand. I've heard that laughter also acts as a short workout for the heart. I'm looking forward to the next time it happens. But, in the meantime I've been going over some old joke books from my high school days trying to glean a few bits of humor. My, how tastes have changed. I told a couple of the jokes to the younger guys I work with. Guess what? They didn't find them funny even though I could hardly tell them I was laughing so hard. The jokes appear to be outdated.

I've checked out the joke of the day sites but no surprises there. Oh wait! Did you tee hee, hear about, haa haa, the guy who, hee, hee, haa, haa, snicker, snicker, hoo, hoo, haa, haa, Oh never mind I'll have to tell you later. I'm laughing too hard right now.................

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