Monday, February 14, 2011

The Today Show on NBC

Thank You NBC!!!!!!
Last week the Today Show on NBC conducted a report on CO poisoning in ice arenas. Most often caused by the Zamboni machines. If CO poisoning can happen at an ice arena, it can happen anywhere can't it? Again, Thank You NBC!!!!!!!

CO poisoning almost killed me once. For over 30 years I have tried to educate everyone withing hearing distance about carbon monoxide and it's dangers. NBC has done more in one segment than I could hope to do in a dozen lifetimes. This program will undoubtedly help prevent hundreds, perhaps thousands of people from suffering the consequences of CO poisoning. Chronic CO poisoning can cause a lifetime of major chronic health problems involving any organs of the body.

It's sneaky, this carbon monoxide gas. It lays in wait for unsuspecting victims. Invisible, odorless, undetectable for the most part without special equipment or metering devices. A person's best protection is just being aware of its existence. Thanks to NBC millions of viewers have had the opportunity to learn about it and take steps to be safe.

The show also highlighted another major point. CO poisoning attacks a surprising number of our most vulnerable, the young. They don't know what's happening. It's just another day to them. They may feel a little dizzy, nauseated, confused maybe a little sick. But kids work through that stuff every day. They just want to keep going. The gas silently continues to do its deadly work.

A major TV network like NBC has the power to help the world. They did it again this time regarding a largely ignored threat to our health. I often wonder what would be found if children were monitered for CO in the morning when they get to school. Yeah, I really wonder about that.

Good Job NBC!

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