Thursday, February 17, 2011

Evan Emory and deceit

Being young is not a good excuse for Evan Emory. When he was interviewed by a TV journalist he said he deceived the school district because that was the only way he could make the vulgar video as good as it was. That being said even after he knew he'd stepped way over the line of common decency, let alone the law.

Everyone begins life young and ignorant. We all make stupid mistakes. It's a process: this gaining of knowledge of right and wrong, common sense and morals. Most of us come through it without major damage to ourselves or others. Evan Emory messed up big time. He knew it was wrong because he lied to the teachers right from the start. He didn't ask permission to change the music and words, he hid while he did that. A true "artist" doesn't hide. Then he placed the video on YouTube for all to see. This is how "wrong" works. Do what you have to do, lie, sneak, steal, and by the time you get the job done its too late for anyone to change it and you get off Scott free. I believe that was his plan from the get-go. He didn't get away with it and now he has to pay the consequences.

I wouldn't want to see this guy get 20 years in the slammer though. Stupid doesn't deserve 20 years or even 5. I feel he should get plenty of years of public service helping abused children and adults though. Michael Vick is doing public service for what he did and is accomplishing a lot in doing so. He has even become a personal advocate for abused animals because he has had a change of heart due to what he's learned. I don't wish a young guy like Evan a lifetime of punishment. He deserves consequences, yes. But wouldn't it be better if he did some type of restitution to children and society as well. That's a win-win in my opinion.

So I say, "Evan Emory listen up and listen up quick. You can still fess up and learn from all this. It start with the realization that we do not have to accept what you've done because you are simply a harmless artist expressing yourself. You lied and did an unconscionable thing involving our children. Admit the wrong you did with the filthy lyrics being inserted into an otherwise innocent, trusting video. Accept your consequences whatever they may be and learn what morals are. It will be better for all involved and the kids you deceived will learn what type of person you really are.


Razor Sheldon said...

I'm curious where your outrage comes from. The kids were not exposed to anything vulgar, and have no idea what occurred later.

Did Evan Emory use poor judgment? Of course. He copied what he had seen on countless television programs with creative editing (Weird Al Yankovic, The Daily Show, Tosh.0 etc...), and didn't obtain the proper waivers from the parents to show their children's faces. He deserves a stern scolding and a hard slap on the wrist, but to label him a registered sex offender, or give him any jail time is beyond ridiculous. This is a dangerous precedent, and this rhetoric needs to be squashed immediately. There are far worse things happening to our children every day that deserve significantly more outrage...

Joe Cramer said...

I hear and appreciate your comments Razor Sheldon. We agree in some ways. This isn't a major catastrophy by any means and is getting blown out of proportion as I believe I said. However, I do feel that it shouldn't get shoved under the carpet either. A stern scolding and a slap on the wrist, in my opinion would only encourage him to push the limits even further. He lied, and snuck around so he knew he was doing wrong. It was premeditated. Not just an innocent mistake. Jail time? By no means is that justified. Learning what the meaning of abuse is? A step in the right direction. I do feel what he did cannot be justified by the equally disgusting actions of others. "Well, everyone else is doing it." I look at it very much like a small leak in a dam. If it's not corrected right away it just keeps getting worse. The far more dangerous precedent would be to let this go without consequences. A long time ago someone said Damn on TV and then on the radio. Now that isn't even noticed. Same with a lot of other things. I can't keep the world or our children safe but I can certainly try by saying my piece when it is threatened. In turn that may prevent far worse things from happening. Evil will only work when the good remain silent. Evan did his thing. I'm doing mine. Thanks for taking the time to let me know how you feel...Joe

ZeroDollarMovie said...

You really think this guy should be punished for telling dirty jokes?

If that happens, it opens the floodgates for the first amendment to be trampled. The next thing to go after crap like Emory's stupid video is free speech on the internet. So long blogs.

For a person to feel anything but sheer outrage at the notion of punishing Emory AT ALL shows that that person knows not a god damned thing about what it means to be an American.

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