Monday, December 20, 2010

Huh! Say that again?

I heard the heart of an average person beats 4000 times an hour. I tried to count mine and fell asleep.

I heard that in the average year Americans use enough toilet paper to stretch to the sun and back. I tried to find out who did all the research, they won't tell me. Has he visited your bathroom yet?

I heard that snails can breath through their feet. I heard it from the same woman that said that turtles can breath through their butt. I picked up a snail and looked, I couldn't find any feet. You can do the checking on the turtle, OK?

I heard that in some Kenyan cultures if a man offers a woman some beer and she spits it back into his mouth, they are then engaged. I think I'll just keep wondering about that.

I heard that an astronaut can still burp while he's in outer space but he can't pass gas. I haven't figured out whether I am interested enough in that bit of trivia to find out for sure.

I heard that when all the counting was finally over, George W. Bush beat out Al Gore for the presidency by 537 votes. Now that's something to think about when you hear someone using flimsy excuses about their vote not being important isn't it?

Every year I find at least a dozen or more Praying Mantises climbing fences, trees and walls in my yard. For many years I've had several hummingbird feeders in my yard but to no avail, not one hummingbird has taken my food offerings. Duh! I just found out Praying Mantises eat hummingbirds.

I heard that the singer, Madonna is afraid of being thought of as stupid. Now why would anyone think that she is stupid? Maybe she knows more than we know.

I heard that the United States was being deforested at a rapid rate, thereby reducing our oxygen and bringing on global warming. Then I heard that every year there are over 1.6 billion trees are planted in the United States, every year! Now who am I supposed to believe. Both reports came from the government. Go figure!

I heard that if I wonder about too much stuff that is out of my control I may be paranoid. Now I'm beginning to wonder about that too. I wish you a worry free day.....................Joe

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