Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is Here!

Christmas is here, Christmas is here
filled with fun, family, food
and sometimes, way too much beer

Everywhere we go we hear the sound of bells
see gifts colorfully wrapped in boxes with tape
and turn our faces towards the sweet sugary smells

Skis and sleds in the car awaiting the snows
jackets and gloves and scarves and goulashes
at the ready to stave off cold when as the wind blows

Colorful bright lights appear everywhere
their twinkling piercing through the darkness
with our heads straining to see our share

While under an overpass or in a storefront corner
can be found many a cold, lonely soul
huddling, shivering, living in total disorder

A soldier rides on a road in a foreign land
keeping watch for safety's sake
clutching a picture of loved ones in their hand

A man walks the icy streets going from store to store
looking for work no matter the type
hoping to earn money to keep his family home one week more

A baby was born who would save us all
not just a few, remember we should
for each and everyone it is best to recall

On Christmas day we are reminded to know
the reason for it all is this:
we reap what we sow

Christmas it's said is the greatest holiday
when we face our maker and He asks what we did
about the plight of our neighbor, what will we say

It's time to be happy and giddy and sing
we can look about us and see what He meant
of the gifts of joy, love and peace we can bring

Then, we can say: Christmas is here!

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