Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coupons, they can be misleading.

Beware, sometimes coupons don't save you a dime. In fact, sometimes coupons advertised as a savings are priced at the same or even a little more than if you paid retail. Do your research before paying too much of your hard earned money for a "discount" coupon.

I am a coupon shopper. I cut them out of the local newspaper, magazines or wherever else I can find them. Bulletin boards, store receipts and mailbox promotions are chock full of money saving coupons too. They are an excellent way of stretching my wages and living the good life. I do not however, pay money for any discount coupons. I have found many of these coupons to be unreliable and misleading. I am not saying that there are not any real deals out there, I am only saying that I have not found any and am passing on my opinion to you.

Recently a good friend informed me of a website that sells discount coupons and, knowing I am a coupon clipper felt I may save a bundle of cash. Several of the coupons offered appeared at first to be a considerable savings on a couple of purchases I was considering, that is until I did my research. One service in particular caught my eye. I was considering it as a gift to a friend. The advertisement said that I could purchase the coupon for $79 and it inferred that I would be receiving $208 in services. Wow! That is a savings of $129. however, the ad was totally misleading and the services described could actually often be purchased at the business itself for $69 or less, either there or at comparative businesses. I was very disappointed both for myself and for those people who had already purchased the coupons.

Every time we use a coupon and actually save money we are increasing our purchasing power. The problem I se with these misleading coupons is that, because we feel we are saving so much money we may be purchasing something we ordinarily buy. And, if we are paying the same or more we are just wasting our money. That's not my idea of a good buy. I suggest you do your research before buying a coupon. Don't waste your money. It's too hard to earn these days.

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