Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 predictions

There are a couple things I think will happen in 2011. Over the past 5 years much of what I thought came to be true. The economic downturn, high unemployment, the manufacturing losses, incredibly high numbers of illegal aliens, the bursting housing bubble, gold and silver prices rising, Ethanol demand being a bust, continually lowering of student competency and a myriad of other events. I'm not an expert but I have a high percentage of being on top of things and being able to plan for them. I can't stop what's going to happen but knowing in advance has given me a slight advantage in survival. Here are a couple ideas I have for the upcoming year.

Reality TV shows will abound. Next up? "Can you belch louder than a 6th grader?"

Someone will unearth the toenails of the oldest human being, linking us to being descendants of prehistoric wombats.

City buses that run on pig droppings will be sanctioned by the government. The main contributing factor is the development of a new deodorizing exhaust system.

Another reality TV show will focus on ways to sneak into the United States and where to obtain false documentation.

Federal and state employees as well as politicians will be required to receive the same benefits and live by the same affordable standards as the tax payers.

Someone on Utube will uncover proof positive that John Bon Jovi really has false teeth.

New educational standards will require high school graduates to read and write as well as play basketball.

Social security will be safely funded by the profits from the sale of Asian carp.

Telephone solicitors will be required to talk truthfully.

Unemployment will continue at one percentage or another.

News agencies will be mandated to report good news and happy events right along with all the tragedies. Reporters will have to stop bobbing their heads at us.

A new law will require politicians to actually do what they said they'd do during their campaign.

By the end of 2011 either these or other things will all come true. And that's the truth..........Joe

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