Friday, November 5, 2010

Treasure hunt search pointers

It's been an interesting past couple of days. Dozens of enthusiastic treasure hunters visited me early tuesday morning to get a jump start on the search for the treasure. The pile of flyers whittled down almost faster than I could keep up. Weather was great and everyone took off in their direction of choice. The medallion remains secure in it's hiding place today though.

Because of the Internet I don't receive the volume of mail requests as in the past. I sort of miss that but on the other hand I have less time to deal with them also so it's a trade off. The newspapers are covering it well too pointing out the purpose of the game: a fun and challenging way to be reminded of the danger of carbon monoxide. (If there is anything I've learned through my research concerning CO poisoning, it is that most of us don't want to hear or talk about it. Especially perhaps the media folks I run across from time to time. Unless, of course it results in a tragedy of some sort. And that is precisely what I wish to prevent with my annual reminders.)

A couple pointers here to help with your search. Pay close attention to the list of rules listed in the papers and on line at Greg's site They will clarify literally every question you may have regarding the medallions location. It is not on private property, you do not have to dismantle anything to retrieve it are two important things to remember.

Good luck, carry on, toodle ooo and all that............................Joe

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