Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Worldwide automobile recall

Look for an upcoming recall of every motorized vehicle ever driven on the American highways. It's coming soon. It appears that every car, truck, van, semi, or motor home is defective. here are some of the findings:

Vehicles consistently fail to stop and hit other vehicles, signs, buildings or other obstacles.
They accelerate beyond the legal speed limit without cause in radar zones.
They wander aimlessly all over the road. (This malady is most apparent on Friday and Saturday nights.)
They wear out over time and cost money to fix immediately following the end of the warranty period.
Just before accidents the steering inexplicably becomes defective.
They fail to fit into parking spots on busy streets without extreme effort.
They run out of gas at unexpected times.
No matter the type, style or color of vehicle, most lose value at an uncontrollably fast rate.

It's pretty obvious from this intense research that motorized vehicles are all defective and should be recalled and replaced at no charge to the owner. I, of course remain neutral on the subject as I am not particularly knowledgeable on the intricacies involved here. My resources are limited to news reports and my own vehicles that provide me with personal transportation. All these recalls befuddle me but I can see that through diligence and research by wise people we learn about such stuff. Incredible!.....................Joe

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