Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dogs, mutts and names

When it comes to man's best friend what used to be a mutt is now some kind of "special, limited edition, designer" breed. I'd much prefer a good old mutt but I guess being a mutt is much too ordinary. Nobody wants to own an ordinary dog anymore. There are no longer any "accidents" that mess up long established blood lines, only "Oh my gosh" moments when a new, never before heard about breed is established. "Shephounds, Bullnauzers, Kerry Blue Danes, Pooschus, Malaweiners, Beagoundlands, JackRusselhuahas, etc, etc. are so commonplace nothing is a surprise anymore. Of course all these new breeds come with a hefty price tag too whereas a mutt was either free or very cheap. Another reason to lean towards a mutt.

Real dogs have enough strange names: Barbet, Klee Kat, Elo, Dandi Dinmont, Hawaiian Poi, Aidi, Bully Kutta, Kishu, Hovawart, Anglo-Francais de petite Venerte, Porcelaine, McNab, Beauceron, Akbash, Blackmouth Cur, Cesky Fouser, Tatra and Chippiparai are examples. I personally think there are enough strange Monika's placed on dogs without dreaming up all these other crazy handles.

A dog is a dog no matter what you call it. I've had breeds with magnificent blood lines and mutts with such messed up blood lines you weren't quite sure if they were a dog or some long believed extinct prehistoric marsupial. For that reason I'll not soon be acquiring a multi named, super snobby, heretofore unheard of animal. Just thought I'd mention that in case you were the slightest bit interested. .........................Joe


Padolsky said...

Here in the Czech Republic they give dogs people's names, like John, Peter, Jane, Ralph, etc. It seems bizarre to me, but maybe it means they're closer to their dogs than Americans are. Whatever the reason, it seems strange.

kdcar6 said...

Well ours is a mutt with two noticeable breeds. Blood Hound, due to all the extra skin around the jaws and head. He is primarily Black Labrador retriever. He has a lot of big,lovable, and protetive in him as well. Also not so bright due to the fact that he can chase his own tail 10-15 min and when he catches it will chew on it for a second or two the he gets the fact that it is part of him. That is our "Toby"

Joe Cramer said...

Naming a dog a human name is unusual to me but not unheard of I guess. One of the most interesting names I've run across is, "Askum." A family from my old neighborhood had a scruffy but cute old thing that was a great friend to all six kids in the family. Every time someone inquired as to the dog's name they'd answer, "Askum!" Many times the person would turn to the dog and say, "What's your name little doggy?"

I often wonder what possesses a dog to chase it's tail? Do they see it as another animal invading their territory or something, or is it simply boredom? Next time I see it I'll, "Askum."

mic_comte said...

What about the rules for pedigree dogs?
Dog naming rules

Joe Cramer said...

All naming rules are set aside when it comes to naming a high priced pedigree aren't they? "Our little Admiral Foozy Woozy the third." I had a Great Pyrenees, weighed in at 236 lbs. "DarJanCeasarLanza" So I guess anything goes. There are various relavant reasons and the dog doesn't care. some are still good for a chuckle but we'll always love our dogs.

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