Monday, April 5, 2010

Perspective can be unhealthy

Perception. What you perceive may not at all be what you see.

A long time ago I rode a train back to Grand Rapids from the East side of the state. Arriving rather late at a, long since demolished way station used mostly by commuters. Not having much in the way of money made it an easy decision to walk the 5 miles to my home through the dark streets. At approximately the halfway mark I was about to cross a very busy, 4 lane avenue when I saw one of my old high school buddies walking down the middle of the street, carefully following the center line looking very confused. I waited for the cross walk sign and approached him cautiously. "What's going on? I asked. He looked at me and said, "Hi Joe! Hey, do you have any idea why all these crazy people are driving on the sidewalk like that?" rather than correct him and cause possible disagreement, I said I didn't know but why don't we get the heck out of here until they leave. He followed like a puppy, wandering this way and that but did manage to stay with me until I'd gotten to a side street with no traffic. He said thanks and went running down the side street. I tried to keep up with him and couldn't so I watched until he was out of sight, far away from the busy avenue. I've not seen or heard of him since.

He believed that he was walking on a sidewalk. That was his perspective. It could have gotten him killed. That's what perspective can do sometimes. Just a Dingus Day observation. I wonder if that has anything to do with philosophical thought? ..........................Joe

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