Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jesse James and Tiger Woods

I think a good lesson can be learned for all of us from the events over the past couple weeks concerning Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

Regardless our personal opinions of the lack of integrity and loyalty when it comes to these two guys, their desire to move on from it all is what we should focus on. Leave the admiration or condemnation for another time. Moving on, an attitude we all need. There is a cross country auto race that happens every year somewhere in Michigan's Northern Peninsula. The idea is to keep driving through whatever you face along the course. Creeks, trees, mud holes, washboard two tracks, hairpin turns and darkness. It's called, "Press on Regardless." It's not a race for the weak and just as importantly, the car is literally guaranteed to be a mess when it's over.

The lesson I glean from Jesse James and Tiger Woods is this: For them and their families this is horribly painful. By various means they are moving through it and getting on with their lives. Facing an embarrassing media blitz that most of us will never fully understand. In a few years, for the most part what is happening now will be left to a few heartless, old, stale jokes. Their social lives will return to as normal as possible. They'll get all beat up from this, just like the cars and drivers in the "Press on Regardless" race. Repairs will be made and they'll continue on.

That's the attitude it takes I think, The two things to remember when we are dealing with ourselves as imperfect human beings: Damage control and pressing on regardless. No matter what else, they are doing that. We probably should remember that......................Joe

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