Thursday, March 18, 2010

Joe Biden and me

I am a slow thinker. I dare not answer quickly to questions. My foot is at the ready to jump into my mouth. An egg is waiting just around the corner to slosh onto my face. More times than I can count I've had to recant my words in hopes of somehow diminishing my embarrassment. Acknowledging or apologizing for a dumb remark never quite does the trick. Once a word is spoken, it's there forever isn't it? Me and Joe Biden have a lot in common. I feel his pain. I've been through it all myself. There is a significant difference between he and I though.

This morning there is another story about yet another comment made by the vice president regarding some current topic or another. Whenever he is in the eye of the media he appears to be a very likable sort of guy. Looks to have a pleasant, sincere, honest kind of smile, an open and approachable personality, that sort of thing. But then he starts to talk. I know the feeling. My mind has slowed down because of an industrial accident. I have to guard my words closely and I know it. Where he and I differ I think is that I realize most of the time that I have to be very careful of what I say. From the sounds of it on many occasions Joe Biden doesn't feel the same way.

The difference between he and I is, I think, awareness of just who we are. I hate the taste of my foot...............................Joe

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