Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Writing letters

Some might say that I am old fashioned. I guess they would be correct. As I am very much the fashioned result of an old era gone by.

I write letters. I write letters often. I write long and short letters. I write letters of praise, letters of criticism, letters for all sorts of reasons to all sorts of people. Family, friends, politicians, government agencies, restaurants and auto repair shops. If I like the service I received, I want them to know it so they will continue that good service. If I did not receive good service, I want them to know it so they can correct the problem in the future. Letters of love and wisdom and praise and inquiry to friends and family to keep them ad myself in the loop and not overlooked or forgotten.

Why so many letters instead of a simple phone call or email or text? Because I find those things not to my liking most f the time. They are not bad things, I just don't want them to replace my standard of communication. A letter, to me is more personal and brings me closer to the recipient. Besides, these days of rushed and forced activity always seem to be in the way of a phone call. "Hi, I'm sorry but I'm doing something else and will call you back when it is convenient." A letter can be read at any one's convenience, over and over again if they so choose. Also, should I by chance offend someone they can crumble the letter and throw it as far as they wish without breaking the phone, right?

How many times does someone place a text or email into their "Box of memories"? To pull out a couple decades later to re-read and laugh or cry at the thoughts written there.

So there you have it in a nutshell. I write letters. They require time and thought and reasoning. But when all is said and done. I find it worth the effort. I have received personal return letters from Friends, family, mayors, governors, congressmen, and even two presidents. when was the last time I received a text or tweet or phone call from them? Well, actually a few times but I can save the letters a lot longer and maybe pass them to the grand kids some day.

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