Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Confederate Flag

One disgusting excuse for a human being commits a horrendous crime by murdering innocent people, in a church no less. If that isn't terrible enough, tens of thousands of people, for some reason seem to believe it was the fault of the Confederate flag being on display. I can totally understand the feeling of loss but banning a flag, any flag will not make that feeling go away. The flag didn't cause the incident, the flag can't cure it. By the way: I really wonder if any of the folks demanding that Kid Rock do away with displaying the Confederate Flag during his productions have ever attended one. Most likely not in mu opinion, so what's the deal? Are they simply attempting to ban free speech? I thought that is what Hitler was all about. And, of course we can't forget ISIS. For anyone wanting to go back to a suppressed society I say, you're doing pretty good so far in this political atmosphere of putting citizens in their place as far as having a say in things. Seems to be the pattern here. But then again, who's listening anyway? Too busy finding things to ban. What about those tattoos and piercing things? They are the sign of only God knows what so they should go too.

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