Saturday, November 30, 2013

Prayer for adults

I made it through Thanksgiving Day without gaining more than 5 pounds. That's quite an accomplishment for me. That success is due in no small part to a life change I began almost two years ago. The change included but is not limited to less and smaller portions regardless the occasion. It takes real willpower to keep the program going. But I am here to tell you, sticking to the program and timeline has helped me lose a full 12 pounds and keep it off. Thanksgiving means different things to different people. A friend locks himself in his house, turns off the radio and TV and watches movies from dawn to dusk. He wants nothing to do with the holiday. He has his reasons. others shop, others travel and others volunteer to help the less fortunate. We are all unique and have our own stories. One thing I enjoy doing is writing a new prayer on each Thanksgiving. It's a good reminder of what life is all about for me. This year I wondered about posting it. So, here goes.

God and our Holy Father,
Help guide us as we wander through our journey of life. You always show mercy to those who seek you and love you. Remain with us, your servants and open our eyes to your will. Shelter us with your protection during the day and bring us the light of your grace at night. Be our companion on this journey and welcome us to the safety of our final destination when that time comes. We ask this through Christ our Lord.........Amen

I wish you a fine day and exciting Christmas holiday season.............Joe

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Charles Honey said...

Very lovely prayer, Joe. Good thoughts to keep in mind as we move into Advent toward Christmas. Cheers! Charley

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