Monday, October 21, 2013

Advanced Cell Technologies/Getting rich with stocks

The stock tip on Advanced Cell Technologies the other day, that I cannot afford to take advantage of, has shown promise already just as he said it would. The stock rose over 10% in just a couple days and is continuing to be very active. I'm thinking it's going to go even higher in quick fashion. One of the company officers is giving a lecture and that will probably divulge some good news there too. Once again I will miss the opportunity to increase my worth due to a lack of excess funds. Even so, I find it exciting to see some stocks show huge gains. Somebody is going to make a haul from what my buddy said. He's just bought a bunch of it to hold onto until the clinical trials are over. The health markets are blossoming what with the affordable health care act here in the states. I'll keep watching and let you know what happens.

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