Friday, September 6, 2013

My book and a retirement fund

I enjoy listening to the adventures of my friends. The fellow I mentioned in the last posting had many stories to tell about walking trails and losing weight and learning to use his new found slimmer, more muscular and way more energetic body in ways he had not dared to dream of only a year ago. Now his plans are filled with hope like I'd never seen before in him. An excellent, inspiring conversation! I wish him well on his journey. Before he left he turned the conversation towards what was going on in my life with a few questions and he did some listening of his own. He is a good listener and I suppose I'm pretty good at talking too because he laughed a lot. I autographed a copy of my book: "Joe's Story: The Book of a Lifetime" he purchased and we said our good byes til another day. I figured I wouldn't see him again for a while. I figured wrong. He read "Joe's Story" all in one day and stopped by this morning to tell me how much he enjoyed it as well as an idea he had for me. I listened with interest to his advice. I got down right inspired again and thanked him when he left for parts unknown. It's pretty cool when someone goes out of their way to help you.

His idea was this: Start doing everything I can to get "Joe's Story" out there and in the hands of book readers as soon as possible. "It's a terrific story" he said. The wisdom in the book would help hundreds of everyday people by validating them in so many ways. By getting the book sold and helping others I would add to my own sense of having done good by writing the story. The side benefit, in his opinion was that I'd finally do something about a retirement fund like he did.

I can say without hesitation that his words made my day. I am also going to do some serious thinking about promoting "Joe's Story".I could use a few bucks in the, as yet non existent retirement fund.

Um, er, by the way. Are you looking for a good book to read? I can help you out there.

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