Friday, August 30, 2013


What a time in history to be President. We are still reeling from a catastrophic war in Iraq, ongoing war in Afghanistan, seemingly unstoppable tide if illegal aliens, economic instability, carnage amongst drug infested neighborhoods and a myriad of other problems. Now, there is Syria, another country thousands of miles away, suffering through an almost inhuman carnage of their own. The President, when speaking about the political divide, civil war and senseless loss of human life going on there, drew a line in the sand and said that if chemical warfare was used we would step in and do our best to stop it. A daring statement. A few days ago hundreds of people, mostly women and children were killed. Two things are being investigated, was it in fact chemicals or gas? And who did it? One thing is sure, almost every other country in the world has declined to go along with us in any type of military response. It looks like if we do respond, we'll be going it alone. Will that result in a reduction of killing of innocent people or will it bring on even more retaliation to their own people and more importantly, beyond their borders and around the world. Iraq is still after so many years involved in a civil war and people are being murdered every day. So far, not much was settled in that war. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found. Some say the stability and modernization brought on by Saddam Hussein was far better even if he did kill the guys he didn't like and make stupid threats.

The president is going to make a decision for us. Just as he has done so many times before as well as  his predecessors. There doesn't seem to be much we can do about it. Where does this get us? According to news reports, most people in Arab countries don't like or trust us so much do they? Normal for us isn't necessarily normal for them. We have a Judeo-Christian set of morals. Al Quida and other similar groups find our desire to be fair in all things as a weakness. They kill us as well as their own people without conscience. Is any intervention from us, further taxing our already slim resources, going to accomplish anything constructive? Personally, I do wonder where the Arab groups and countries stand on Syria and the murder of innocent people. They, so far really haven't said anything or offered any real solutions or help military or diplomatic. I wonder if they know more than we do concerning the mind set of that region.

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, We've been there. I do pray for a correct answer to this. I do pray the president looks at all the consequences involved here. I know I certainly don't know what the solution is but too swift a move often leads to more loss of lives. I pray that doesn't happen.

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