Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My dad on being the critic

On this last day of reminiscing about my pop, recalling his perspective regarding critical folks pervades my thoughts. He wasn't keen on those that would impose their will on us, for whatever reason. "No one died and made them king, queen or judge and jury."

Criticize the cook-be prepared to go without food
Criticize the giver-be prepared for nothing
Criticize a woman's appearance-be prepared to be alone
Criticize the doctor holding the scalpel just before surgery-that's just plain stupid
Stuff like that. If you criticize be prepared for all the ensuing consequences. Try as I might, I have a hard time remembering that, especially when I'm driving. I find it hard to believe some of those idiots are allowed to drive on public roads. Getting in my way, going too slow, going too fast, forgetting to signal a turn, generally not giving in to the fact that if all drivers simply did my will there would be peace and tranquility on every thoroughfare everywhere. I keep thinking it's pure fact, not criticism, right?

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