Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joseph A. Cramer-Published Author

Wow! Talk about a compliment. I am totally humbled.

Yesterday, a very pleasant couple waltzed into my office looking for :"A Joseph A. Cramer." I answered that was my name. They looked at each other for a moment and the guy asked if I had written a book? "Yes, I had written a book." I said. "Joe's Story?" he asked. "Yes, that's the one all right." I said. And motioned towards the credenza where I kept a few copies on display. "Oh, thank goodness! She said, "we came here from Appleton Wisconsin to find you. Would you please autograph our copy?" Dog eared and rather worn around the cover with underlines and highlights, I could see they had done a good job of reading it. I said, "I feel honored" and signed the book with their names and my well wishes. We chatted for a bit and they left on their way to somewhere in the Detroit area for a business conference or something like that. It's not that they came to Michigan just to see me but they did stop on their way through. The effort made me feel somewhat special. They were rather hurried so off they went.

Either way, I am still riding the good feeling that goes along with someone telling you that you did a good thing. You just can't beat a feeling like that.

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