Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day/Veteran's Day

Growing up in my family meant a lot of things. This weekend marks one of those things. Working six, sometimes seven days a week left little time for my Dad to do socializing. My mom worked too so that further complicated the matter. However, come Memorial day/Veteran's  Day, my folks packed us kids up and made a trip to Wisconsin. My uncles in Wisconsin, my mom's brothers were veterans. We made the trip there and back in one day. Nine hours there and nine hours back. Do the math and that means six precious hours to visit and chat with four uncles living within the greater Appleton Wisconsin area. It was a whirlwind of activity: Laughing, hugging, joking, always some sort of food and then off to the next and finally back home to Michigan again. What did we do back home? We visited my uncles on my dad's side of course. They were veterans too. As I got older I felt the need to question my folks about that almost impossible feat regarding the trip to Wisconsin. "Did we have to go all that way? Wasn't it expensive? Didn't you get tired of driving? Really, why di we have to go instead of just going on a picnic and taking an afternoon nap?" Simple answer: "Because they needed it!" They went on a trip for us, we go on a trip for them!"

Thank You! To all those who were or are in the Armed forces. You are there for us, I hope I am there for you!............................Joe

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