Saturday, January 12, 2013

What a great day!

Have you recently experienced such a wild anticipation for the day to begin that you couldn't sleep at all? Tossing and turning, constantly looking at the clock in disbelief that it's only been minutes instead of hours since the last look. That's been my night so far. I finally decided to get up, put on the coffee and accept my inability to sleep and hope I'll make it up next time. Despite the fact that TV is lousy this time of night, the songs played on the radio are repetitious and mundane and talk radio is limited to conversations concerning aliens, conspiracy theories and demonic possession on Coast to Coast AM, I am on needles and pins awaiting the crack of dawn. I can feel it in my bones. Something wonderful is about to happen. A new revelation, a breakthrough of immense proportions, untold wonders never before seen by the human eye. That's the feeling coursing through my very soul. Where does it come from? I have no idea. I didn't ask for it, no one told me to think that way. It certainly wasn't any sort of astrological interpretation. I can't remember anything in particular that anyone said. I simply feel this is going to be a wonderful day. I guess I'm OK with that.

So far it's stacking up to be something special, in a normal sort of way. While putting the coffee on to warm, (it is my custom to drink yesterdays leftover coffee. I like it, really I do) the cupboard opened just a crack and revealed a container of Mocha blend creamer. Whoa! I thought. Already it's starting. I love mocha! The smells of my discovery filled the morning air almost hypnotically. If nothing else this good happened all day, I had this to carry me through right? Then, rummaging around my reading pile for the day a previously unread comic section from the newspaper was uncovered. "Are you kidding me?" I love the comic section! Are you beginning to see what I'm talking about here? In disbelief of my good fortune I poured a cup of that delectable mocha and set myself down at the computer to see what I could see. There were business items I must tend to. However, a note was attached noting I had "mail". A friend had sent me one of the most hilarious little videos I've seen in half a year and maybe even longer. A truly wonderful experience, in my opinion, is to begin your day by almost falling off your chair in a fit of laughter. I'm beginning to wonder if I really did wake up but stopped just short of pinching myself. I'm not into self inflicted pain. I took a few moments to bask in the glow of a feeling of well being. A feeling (sorry, lots of feelings today I guess) of strength came over me and I dared to turn on the TV news. In most cases I dread the negativity of the news but not today. I stared in disbelief at the story unfolding before my eyes, apparently we are not all going to die from the flu! The economy, in spite of anything bad going on is still improving. Bob Segar is about to begin another tour. Again the thought of pinching myself had to be resisted. Then, to top it all off we were reminded that in less than 36 hours the 2014 Corvette will be revealed to the world in all it's glory. Phew! I just wonder how much more of this good stuff I can deal with.

I think it's time to get ready to take on the day. With all this good stuff coming at me from all sides it's probably a good idea to be wearing clean clothes and stuff like that. What if Publisher's Clearing House comes to the door? No wait, from what I've read about the winners and their problems, if this indeed is going to be a good day then I won't be winning. Yeah, that's how a good day works. I'm going to watch that hilarious email again. You have a nice day too OK?

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