Monday, August 6, 2012

On the mend, gardening, taxes

Oh my goodness! The weather has taken a turn and a cool breeze swept through the blue room for the entire afternoon yesterday. How totally refreshing! The yard and garden work, cutting, trimming, edging, weeding, watering, fertilizing and a touch of harvesting, all completed in in full sunshine and low 80's temperatures were almost as enjoyable as a day at the beach. I worked when I felt like it, sat when I felt like it, took a break when I felt like it and watched or listened to the fantastic, world class, Detroit Tiger baseball game, lasting 4 hours and filled to overflowing with competitive drama only found in baseball. We won!

That's how my day of complete rest went. I am pleased to report my legs are showing signs of life once again. I wobble just a little bit less this morning. If this healing continues I will be back in the saddle again soon, riding my bicycle into the wilds of mid to upper Michigan seeking adventure. By the looks of it, although any kind of weather around here is a treat temperatures are moderating a bit and riding may become less of a sweaty event. I do look forward to that. I'm running out of t-shirts to soak it up.

The harvest continues in the garden and the job of preserving it for a later time becomes another matter. Canning, freezing and in some cases dehydrating take some education on my part. There are now a grouping of jars on the shelves filled with a cacophony of mixed vegetables I never knew could be mixed. The test jar sits on the cupboard awaiting the obligatory 3 weeks for curing and then the taste test. Thankfully, I've never experienced a bad batch of preserved food from the garden. I'm still looking up the recipe for Ketchup because the tomatoes will be maturing any day now and they are definitely bountiful.

That's my chatter for the day. I just came from a short meeting of friends. They had some breakfast and took shots at solving the worlds problems as usual. One guy said that in the early days of our country, only those people that paid taxes could vote on taxation legislation, not those people that only took money from taxes. I'm not sure but I think he inferred that even legislators couldn't vote for more taxes because that's where they received their incomes, unless they had another job where they paid taxes. Interesting. I'd not heard that before. I think I'll look it up. I wonder when it changed?

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