Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's our money!

Being unable to continue my ride around the lake at this time is not only somewhat frustrating but also leaves me with too much time on my hands and I even resort to viewing TV at times. Something I almost never do. And then, to top it off, the airways are filled to overflowing with political news. The presidential campaign is in full swing and everyone is saying something about just what the government is going to do with it's huge, almost unlimited financial clout. You've seen and heard all that stuff before haven't you? Well, so have I. We are a voting country, we use our vote to continue or change the direction of our government instead of guns. It's a great system. However, we have a problem at the moment: The politicians have forgotten one thing: "It's not their money!"

I am a lowly individual and have no right to say much of anything about the government. My place is generally to pay my taxes and trust the politicians to disburse it properly. Right? That's what a good taxpayer does. Yesterday I watched a politician state how he was going to spend those tax dollars to help the poor people. Then, about a half hour later I went to the store. Two of those poor people walked leisurely across the parking lot, effectively blocking any traffic while they discussed whatever it was that they were discussing. Stopping and starting and showing no concern whatsoever regarding the fact that they were obstructing others. The world began and ended with them. When a lady asked them to please move so she could park they displayed disdain and actually slowed down so she had to wait even longer. Eventually they found it in their heart to go inside the store where they continued to obstruct others in various ways. Dressed in designer clothing.

I did my shopping and went to the check out to pay for my goods with hard earned cash. As it was, the two leisurely people dressed in designer clothes were in line just ahead of me. They had two purchases, neither of which qualified for their government card. They put up such a fuss the manager was called to quell the situation. I don't know how it ended, they were still going at it when I left.

Here is my point: (You knew I was going to make one eventually) The two leisurely folks and politicians have something in common. Neither of them realizes that it ain't their money! In all my born days, I do not recall a politician being anywhere near what I would consider being "Grateful" for any money derived from our hard earned tax dollars. Stuff like that is what goes through my mind when I have too much time on my hands and watch TV or go to the grocery store.

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