Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Laws, how many is too many?

I wonder sometimes if the often spoken statement about the U.S of A. becoming a nation of unenforceable laws is true. We have local, district, state and even national police, hard working and dedicated roaming around with a ten inch thick book of laws to enforce. My Gosh! How can they function? Silly laws, important laws, short laws, rambling laws, laws with so many technical aspects even the lawmakers don't understand them. I guess the case could be made that an officer could designate most anything as illegal and be close to one law or another. You can't fly a kite or ride a bike, utter a name or remark, drive a car or go fishing without fear of breaking this or that law. Getting through a day without doing at least one thing wrong is almost impossible in my opinion.

Oh, the heck with it! I'm probably breaking a law right now. That's probably why it's so difficult to publish my postings. Here goes again.

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