Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ozzie and Castro

Every day, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people right here in the United States declare their love for Good Old Fidel Castro. No matter how or why a dictator or general or other totalitarian ruler maintains control, there are people who extol their virtues. It's not against the law, at least not yet to say stuff like that in this country. Ozzie the baseball guy is being suspended, without pay for some things he said in an interview about U.S. citizens and Castro. He's being hung out to dry by the national media too. Does that reason seem right to you? I'm a little uncomfortable with it myself. I think his comments were indicative of his controversial nature anyway. It's not like he hasn';t raised eyebrows in the past with stupid, ill timed and off color statements. Actually he is pretty much a loose canon when it comes to what comes out of his mouth. For those in the know what he said was no real surprise. Never-the-less free speech is, according to our constitution a lawful right. Love it or hate it, he had the right to say what he said. Now he's being punished for it.

Now lets turn to the church members that go to funerals and disrupt the grieving of the family and friends of the deceased with terrible derogatory signs and singing and general disruption. The damage and pain they cause is indescribable. It's legal. They go unpunished.

Occasionally someone is put in jail because they say something derogatory against someone else because it is considered unlawful to say what it is that they said.

I'm just sayin'. Stupid is one thing, chastise the guy for saying something stupid.

We have to be very careful here. The Constitution says we are guaranteed free speech. However, in the few short years I've been around I have seen that there are truly those that wish to impose their power over us in restricting what we say. I have yet to see the part in the constitution that describes just who the speech police are and what their powers are. I'm just sayin'. But Ozzie is still a loose canon.

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