Friday, October 21, 2011

Ice Cream names

Some things just aren't funny when it comes to food! Ben an Jerry's makes ice cream. Ben and Jerry's is pretty successful. They are at the higher end of the price index and still sell enough to keep the ice cream machines moving in a relatively tough economy. I have tasted some of their flavors and found them to be quite acceptable. But, to be honest I enjoy our very own Hudsonville Ice Cream even better. It may have something to do with going to the Hudsonville factory many years ago when it was located in Burnips Michigan and getting the butter pecan flavor right out of the factory freezer and being able to taste it on the ride home. Hudsonville has expanded their flavors over the years and are now under new management but I can still taste the richness that set the standard. I do get a little queezy when I open a package of "Moose Tracks" or "Deer Tracks" with the little chocolate drops resembling, well you know, the stuff Moose and Deer leave behind. I guess maybe someday an ice cream manufacturer will come up with "Road Apple" ice cream too, but I'm not about to touch that, no way!

Back to Ben and Jerry's. The new flavor they came out with had an extremely disgusting name. And, apparently so disgusting that consumers avoided it enough to prevent stores from even stocking it on the shelves. The name is reputed to be derived from an old Saturday Night Live comedy skit. I never viewed it but from what I hear the thing was hilarious. Great for a comedy skit perhaps but as Ben and Jerry found out: Some things simply need to be left alone. I'm sure a lot of us had a great time with the newly named flavor although, I must admit I found it inappropriate in the ice cream case, particularly when you realize the young children that constantly look into the freezer. It's more an adult thing. I'll let you look it up. We have to maintain an element of mystery don't we?

Other flavors that didn't succeed in the ice cream venue: Yellow Booger Delight, Puke Lime and Slime, Scabby Chip, Pimple Cream Dream and of course, Spit and Sweat Lemony Swirl. Yeah, some stuff is best not connected with any kind of food. Particularly our ice cream.

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